June 7, 2012

Ideas to Reuse your Old Jeans

We all have at least 5 pairs of jeans that we don’t use. Maybe, they are damaged, out of style or don’t fit you anymore.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to discard them. Here are some creative ideas on how you can reuse denim in myriad ways.

DENIM BAGS from a kid's overall : Tiny tots grow even before we know it. And, most of the time we don't have the heart to discard their little attires. Why not keep the memories by reusing it. 


DENIM POTS & HOLDERS : Isn't this a cool way to decorate the flower pots with your old jeans ? They are not just charming, but can also be done in numerous other ways.  How about decorating a plastic bucket or the plastic utensils?


DENIM PILLOWS:  Denim pillows are a fantastic way to bring in that style quotient to your room. In addition, you can make a couple of them as throw pillows to take them along with you while travelling.

Yet another way - LINK


Jeans fabrics are a perfect choice for making quilts. Because of the warmth it provides, these quilts are amazing especially during the monsoon days. And what's more is that, you get to save hundreds of dollars, by using some leftover jeans pieces - now, isn't that a real bargain ?


Isn't the wall organiser beautiful ? Well, it is :)

Creative Workspace

A DENIM WINE BAG : A surprise for your partner :)


DENIM PLACEMENTS:  I bet your mom will love it :)


Infact a lot can be done with Jeans Pockets as the focal point. Check these out ...




A POUF This is just amazing.


Trust me, there is an unsaid satisfaction when you 'create' things yourself. And, the happiness doubles all the more, when the same is done from the waste.Don't believe it ? Try it and I would love to hear from you when you do :)



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