February 18, 2016


Fabric baskets have always fascinated me! Well, the idea of fabric basket had come when I realized that my 2.5 year old naughty little boy loves throwing away things. I had to do something to keep his toys organized. The solution – fabric baskets :)

 Toy baskets / Bread baskets / Cosmetic baskets – name it and it serves the purpose. All the more with checkered fabrics!!!

It can stay on the shelf/ table and look pretty or you can easily untie it and stuff it in your suitcase – great for travelling purposes. 

What’s more is that it’s priced at a mere 150 rs as the ‘launching price.’
Buy a set of four and get one fabric basket,’ completely free! Limited period offer :)

Just shoot me a mail at fayo.yogitha@gmail.com !


June 11, 2014

Elabore - The Online Store of Shawls, Stoles & Scarves

ElaboreStore.com is an online store of Shawls, Stoles and Scarves and they sure take pride to announce that they are the market leader in terms of maximum styles showcased under their brand. The traditional as well as contemporary designs of Elabore place a twirl twist on the archetypal looks.

A major part of fabrication steps is based on manual work, e.g. hand looms, power looms and sulzer looms. The fashions are so audacious and unique that even if they weren't desired by women of the day, they still turned heads and brought the Elabore luxury brand a lot of recognition. The ideal and quintessence collection is given by the fusion of complex and simple shapes as well as by the meticulously processed premium quality like silk, cashmere etc.”

One such category that they take pride in is their “Embroidered Collection.” Pankaj Dhingra – COO of Elabore India Private Limited says, “Our Idea for concentrating on this particular segment was pretty obvious as it is truly an essential fashion accessory that has not so much promoted in India, although it is a make of Indian Subcontinent. It is pretty amazing that an Indian product which has a huge potential globally is not quite promoted here in India in the way it should be. So the idea clicked and we started this project. In a short span of time the growth of our ‘idea’ has been tremendous. Hence, we strongly believe and support that this particular segment has a huge potential.”

Here is a glimpse of their embroidered collection : 

And, of course there's a lot more you would not want to miss - so log on ! 


June 9, 2014

The Hair Affair from Garnier Fructis

Garnier Fructis, one of India’s leading hair care brands, has named actor Alia Bhatt as the new face of Garnier Fructis in India. This is the first time that the brand has signed on a brand ambassador in India. In this exclusive digital launch, Alia reveals that she is the new Garnier Fructis Brand Ambassador through a digital film conceptualized and produced by digital marketing agency FoxyMoron; where she recalls her favorite hair memories and the importance of her hair.


March 13, 2014

The Mystery is now Over :)

An International Brand had sent a new range of products that include a Shampoo and Conditioner. The name was not revealed. It was a blind test to find out what and how the products are. The reviews of it have been posted in my previous posts, here and here. The mystery is now over. Its none other than 'Garnier Fructis Long And Strong.'

So, would I recommend the Shampoo and Conditioner to others - Of course, Yes !

If you're still searching for a shampoo and conditioner that won't make your hair feel dry and fragile then Garnier can be your best bet. It works so well you'll never want to stop using it - at least not for now! Well, that’s my honest review and sure enough it worked really well on my hair. It also should be ideal for most 
hair types.

Well, another surprise . I received yet another courier from Garnier presenting 2 big wonderful bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner along with this lovely brush as a 'token of thanks,' for taking the blind tes

Thank You  GARNIER for the great products and the lovely brush :) 


March 11, 2014

The Final Review of Love Long Hair - Blind Test :)

If you have been following my posts of late, you will know that I am on a hunt to find the name of the shampoo and conditioner that was sent to me a couple of days back - well, its a blind test by an International brand to find out how the products feel without the name being revealed.  So far so good - the new range of products are sure great :)

My mom wanted to color her hair black today. So I was thinking why not ask her to try this new range of products. Well, applying the color ( the black dye ) was a tedious job though.  Unfortunately the pack ( on the dye ) says it’s not essential to use a shampoo after coloring. I however wanted mom to try out the shampoo and conditioner to see the effects. She wanted a mild shampoo as it wasn’t essential to wash her hair with one after coloring. Needless to say, this product is a gentle shampoo. However, the only aspect is that in order to get the lather, we’ll have to use it 2 to 3 times. But it was perfect for her as she didn’t want it to be strong.  
The Result : Mom liked it :)
So which brand is this ??? Ahhhh.....

Now for my review – I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for the past couple of days. As mentioned in my earlier posts, since I am going through the post pregnancy phase, hair loss is something that I have to cope with.  Surprisingly with this new range of products, I feel that the hair fall has reduced to an extent.  My tresses feel silky and smooth too.  Do you want to know which brand is it ? Well, not so soon…and, "yes, will not keep you on wait for long too," says the International brand.

Till then - as always, keep guessing :)


March 8, 2014

Blind Test - 'Love Long Hair,' Review

Remember my last post, the products that we are yet to find out-well, as of now it’s called, ‘Love Long Hair,’ I used the shampoo and conditioner; two washes are in fact done. Here is my review on it.

My little one generally fidgets with my hair when I carry him and this time with the new range of shampoo and conditioner, it was almost like him asking me- mamma, I can smell something new.  Well, I guess he loves the products too.

Generally I oil my hair the previous night before a wash.  If time permits, I wrap a warm towel an hour before my wash just to make sure the oil is absorbed well.  And, when you shampoo the hair later, the tresses would  feel soft, silky and shiny- I’m sure many of us have experienced that.  Now, having used, ‘Love Long Hair,’ products, the effect is sure great. By God’s grace I’m blessed with great hair, so I really do not have to go out of way to take good care of it. And, needless to say this new range of products makes me feel like my hair is been taken care for ever. 

Next was to experiment the same without oil.  The effect was not as great as it was with oil. Nonetheless, it was good.  In my experience, I feel to make good use of this new range of shampoo and conditioner, its best to lubricate the hair before a wash. 

The shampoo feels great. I did not feel any kind of residue which is the usual norm with most shampoos. The fragrance is mild and pleasant on the hair; hence I assume that it’s skin friendly. I did not feel the dryness and felt that my hair was super hydrated. In addition, it gives some volume too.

Well, I am going to try this again for a couple of washes and will get back to you on the review. By the way, we were said, that the brand for these anonymous products will be revealed the following week – Now, I can’t wait to know which brand is this. Until then, we still have to keep the guesses going!


March 1, 2014

Blind Test - 'Love Long Hair,'

Hair loss has been one of the biggest issues that I’ve been going through of late – well, it’s just those post pregnancy woes. As in everything else, motherhood comes in a package – sleepless nights, the outburst of acne’s, hair fall etc. However, nothing is as great as motherhood :)

Coming to the point, I have been approached by an International brand about trying to test one of their ranges of shampoo and conditioner.  I have however been on the lookout for a new shampoo and conditioner and this is more or less the right time for some experiment.

When I received the pack, my first guess was which brand could this be?  I tried looking at the bottles from all angles if the name of brand was secretly embedded anywhere. But no! As of now, it’s named as, ‘Love Long Hair.’

These are the products that I received. Plain white ones, with just a dainty little sticker of ‘love Long Hair,’ – no price tag, no name, no clue about the ingredients –  a fully fledged blind test ! But I am quite excited to try it !

The smell is great though and not too thick or too runny. I’m thinking of experimenting the merchandise in a couple of ways. Since I have a dry scalp, dry shampoos make me go crazy. Hence, I am really looking forward to try this with and without oil on my hair. The reviews for the same will be posted after 2 washes. I somehow have a feeling that these products are going to be great. Meanwhile, if you can guess which brand is this, then drop me a message...wink wink :) :)

Until then keep the guesses going – the same goes for me too !


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