July 12, 2009

Beauty Sleep Prescription

Know how much sleep you require. Start going to bed eight hours before you need to wake up. Remember, if you still require an alarm to wake up after eight hours, it means you need more sleep.

Hence, go to sleep an extra thirty minutes for the next couple of days. You need to keep adding fifteen to thirty minutes to your sleep schedule until you wake up without the help of an alarm.

Once you've understood your bedtime, make it a point to go to bed and wake up at the same time and that includes weekends as well.
The best kind of sleep is a non -stop, peaceful one. A continuous five hour sleep is much better than eight hours of broken catnap.
In case you have lost certain hours of sleep a night, do not compensate it by sleeping all at once. You tend to become more sleepier the following days. Try to sleep a few hours extra for a few days by going to bed early rather than changing the time you generally wake up.

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