July 10, 2009

Dresses for the Petite

Imagesource: Marysteenscene.com

A petite should think carefully before choosing her dress, because the outfit should balance her stature.
Camouflage: Short height.
Flaunt: The elfin waistline.
Length: Above the knee length [ around 3 to 4 "]
  • Floor length dresses can make you look shorter. However, an exception is an halter neck dress. An halter neck dress will lengthen the frame by taking the eye upwards.
  • Avoid bulky dress. Opt for dresses that do not use a lot of material.
  • A high waistline gives the illusion of longer legs.
  • Elegant figure hugging dresses works well on you. Make sure that the dress isn't too tight - it should basically skim the body.
  • Stilettos and high heels can make you appear taller and sexier.
  • Flaunt either your legs or cleavage, but never both as too much of skin can break the balance.

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