July 10, 2009

The Perfect Dress for Boyish Figures

Imagesource: Fashion.about.com

Rectangle or boyish figures are shaped evenly from top to bottom. They naturally lack curves. Many models belong to this category.
The Ideal Dress: Styles that clinch at the waist and flares out below gives the illusion of the curves.
Camouflage : Flat Chest.
Flaunt : Slender hips and narrow waist.
Length : Knee length or just above the knee would be a great fit.
  • Do not settle for big prints. Go for medium prints.
  • Extensive puffs or gathers on sleeves look great on you.
  • Draw attention to the waist by accessorizing it with a trendy belt or ribbon.
  • Frills and ruffles add a touch of femininity.
  • Play with bright colors.

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