July 11, 2009

Sheath Dress

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Sheath dress has a defined waistline and a figure hugging silhouette, typically flattering on a hour glass figure. I personally feel it is a great formal wear and an excellent alternative to a business suit.
The dress comes with numerous necklines such as bateau, jewel, sweetheart or deep V-neck. If you are using it as a formal wear, avoid deep revealing necklines.

Sleeveless sheath dresses are perfect in an formal environment if your workplace allows. However, if you are not comfortable, slip on a fitted blazer. Avoid bold prints in an corporate environment.

The length can be anywhere from above the knee to mid calf. You can always wear it with leggings or tights if you are conscious about showing your legs.

A thick belt in the waist further accentuates the feminine appeal. Its fitting silhouette creates an excellent base for layering trendy cardigans and jackets.

It also creates the illusion of long legs. High heels is probably the best footwear with sheath dress. Wear the highest heel you possibly can. It emphasizes the shape of your legs by flattering the curves of your ankles and calves.

The elegant style can be further enhanced with some great accessories. A metallic brooch, a diamond necklace or or a ornate bracelet can make the look exceedingly sophisticated.

While basic black is suited for a corporate environment, you can choose bold and bright colors for other occasions. Here are few other ways to create different looks.

  • To glam up as a party dress, pair it with classic accessories. Throw on a classic scarf or wear a statement making neck piece or carry a elegant bag and leave your hair down.
  • Slip a t-shirt underneath a sheath dress and you can wear it as a jumper.
  • For the colder days, wear a turtle neck beneath the dress. It's highly chic and classy.
  • Wear a top, a shirt or a sweater on top of the dress and no one will ever know it is a sheath dress. It gives the illusion of a skirt.
As you see, you can try the possibilities to create different looks is endless. All you have to do is be creative and experiment with different styles. Unless you experiment you never know what flatters your body type and what will not.

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