July 12, 2009

Styling Men

There are few simple styling aspects that a man should know to carry himself through different occasions. It is these small differences that make a big impact. Read on to know more.

o Go for shirts with vertical and diagonal stripes.

o Avoid wearing t-shirts with formal pants and please do not tuck the t-shirts.

o Avoid tight fitting clothes if you do not have the body to carry the look.

o Avoid kurtas where plackets end at the waist. It can appear dowdy on most body types.

o Fitted t-shirts in jerseys and knits are only for the well -built.

o Avoid big belts if you have a protruding tummy.

o While wearing shirts, t-shirts or kurtas, opt for ones that reach below the abdomen level to hide the bulk. However, avoid too long ones as they can appear drab and dull.

o Layers cannot hide your protruding tummy. If you prefer wearing jackets do not button it at the waist. Go for semi-loose fits.

oIn fact avoid too much stuff around your waist in any style you wear. Instead, add appealing details around the neck area such as interesting collars.

o Invest in materials like linen, cotton and their blends for a neat look.

o Avoid flared bottoms. It appears like a struggling hero of the 70's.

o A great well-fitted jeans is a must have in every man's wardrobe.

o As far as possible stick to plain and simple clothes instead of bright tones and big patterns.

o If you prefer prints go for shirts with small prints.

o Stay away from too many embellishments or heavy embroidery. Do concentrate on the fit and shape rather than the details.

o Invest in dark colored bottoms that start from mid-waist rather than the high-waist ones.

o Lastly, pulling in your tummy or holding your breath will never help.



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