July 12, 2009

Wrist Bands

Chunky bracelets, beads, wrist bands can be worked out in numerous ways to get that chic look. Be it bold and adventurous with a wrist band, sensual and indulgent with diamonds or cute and impulsive with satin band-you're sure to make heads turn.

Go Chunky:

Wear bands or bracelets that include more surface area. One or two pieces are suffice. But, make sure that you wear both on one hand.

Go Liberal:

Another option is to wear a number of thin bangles on one hand. If you want to try something funky, pick a number of beads and join them together. Let them be of different colors for a Desi look.

Imagesource: Funwirks.com
Be Different:

Take a long beaded chain and wrap them around your wrist. You can go a step ahead and use them as a belt piece as well.


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