September 8, 2009

Accessories for Men in a Corporate Setting

Formal occasions demand you wear formal accessories. What we mean is that you can't sport with a tux. You need to have a polished look at all times.

A belt is a must have in a corporate setting as they add a whole new facet to the ensemble. Ideally the color of your shoes should match or complement the color of your belt. Belts with stylish buckles give a whole new look. There are varieties of patterns and colors you can choose from. Take your pick from leather belts, vintage belts, cotton belts, alligator belts etc. Choose your belts carefully as it can make or mar the entire look. A safe bet is a classic black belt with a silver buckle as it goes with any suit or dress pants.

Black shoes are timeless and black ankle boots make for a great formal look. Ensure that your socks are conservative. Opt for dress shoes that are typically thinner. The color of your socks should match your outfit. Buy dark ones and avoid white socks as they are absolutely inappropriate for a formal look.

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Cuff links are quite elegant and classic. They give a more distinguished appearance to any formal ensemble. They come in variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose one that suits your personality and style. Whether it is a business meeting or a formal setting, it is sure to up your style quotient.

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Make your own style statement and you will be a trend setter in no time. The way you merge each piece will define your style. Finally, never hesitate to experiment. Unless you experiment you will hardly know what suits you and what you can carry with ease. So go on...

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