October 21, 2009

Business Casual -Pants

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Friday dressing or business casual has acquired a whole new meaning and it's nothing but fun. After a long tiring week what's better than a casual attire to lighten the atmosphere? Having said that, here are few options on the different kinds of casual pants as a sheer alternative to those stuffy suits.

While we think of casual pants the first thing that comes in mind is jeans. Jeans are ubiquitous in men's wear. What's more is that they make a great fashion statement. Whether it is the CEO of a company or a first-level employee, jeans have added a new dimension to casual wear. When it comes to jeans-you have it all form slim fit to baggy jeans and distressed pants. They make for a very flexible wardrobe. It can be paired with any kind of casual shirt.

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Other options of causal pants include corduroy pants, cargo pants, khakis - the choice is just endless. They come in various cuts, fabrics and styles by imparting a trendy look. Earthy shades, tonal colors and dark hues are great for business casual. Ensure you present a neat look in anything you wear. For instance, khaki pants look terrible even if they are slightly wrinkled. Avoid baggy jeans, distressed jeans or jeans with holes as the are totally unacceptable and unprofessional. Avoid t-shirts with big, visible logos.

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Also ensure that your accessories match your casual look. Avoid gold watches and dazzling things with a casual pant or a t-shirt. Wear the right kind of shoes and belt to compliment your look. Do not wear belts with suspenders. Never team ties with t-shirts as it can be the biggest fashion disaster.


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