January 22, 2010


The 2010 Summer collection, presented in The Royal Le Meridien, Chennai was made entirely for the sophisticated ladies who believe in leaving a mark. My clothing line, 'FaYo,' is inspired from the rich Indian heritage of fine designing and detailing. The collection is based on classic and exquisite saris that are entirely hand woven items. The uniqueness is that it is totally hand made with 100% natural colors and vegetable dyes that is bleached with buffalo milk. The borders and pal lavs are heavily adorned with exclusive motifs, that are in vibrant and rich hues, which actually sets the apart from the rest. The speciality also lies in the design of the sari which is woven without any mechanical device. Be it for a wedding or a casual day out, these saris are bound to make heads turn. What's more is that the prices are affordable and cost-effective that caters to both 'the rich' and 'not-so-rich.' 'FaYo' is a revelation of all that is handcrafted, exceptional and extraordinary in its commencement and conception.

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