April 27, 2010

Organizing your Warbrobe

What if wardrobes could speak and clothes could say, 'we are exhausted'? You'd probably be throwing and restoring more often than you ever anticipated! But the lack of time and knowing how to do, prevents people from doing so. Here are few simple remedies for your howling wardrobe.

                                                          Image Source: Stylebakery.com

o Clothes wrapped with plastic bags can fade and lead to messy condensation of trapped dampness. A good way is to store them in old pillow covers [or cloth bags] with few cloves or lavender bags kept in. Keep the spices packed neatly in mesh bags or wrap them in pouches made of lining fabrics.

o Never overload. Do keep in mind, it's all about space in a wardrobe. The more space you have, the more organized you will feel. Avoid ornate hangers as they take in a lot of space and, opt for plastic ones that have good grip. Label your clothes and accessories to avoid chaos.

o Segregate clothes according to its types; arrange your tops, pants, skirts, shirts and knits in separate categories. It makes putting a look together simple. In addition, know how often you're going to use a particular garment. If they are hidden or difficult to find, you wouldn't bother wearing them for a long period, perhaps until you do your next cleaning.

o A stinking wardrobe can be due to shoes or old clothes. Keep spraying fresheners on periodical basis. Burning aromatic candles in the dressing room is quite pleasant, but you need to be careful about things flaming up. Alternatively, you can have a separate space for the storage of shoes.


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