April 27, 2010

Rectangular Shaped Body Type

Rectangular shaped also known as a 'ruler' or termed as 'boyish figures' are a rare shape. For this type of a frame there is no big difference between the waist and the hips. They are generally straight with little definition. The idea is to define your curves to give you a curvaceous womanly figure.

                                                                   Image Source: Mylifetime.com

o To make hips look fuller, wear flared or A-line dresses that add the idea of curves.

o The empire style dresses creates the illusion of a fuller chest.

o Short skirts, paired with knee high boots look cool on rectangular shaped women.

o Bolero style jackets or shrugs can make the bust line appear fuller. Tops with padding can also give the illusion of a large chest.

o Wrap and tie style tops look flattering on this body type. They add some extra definition and shape to your figure.

o Tops that have gathers at the side bring in a more feminine appeal. Also, tops that cinch at the waist add some curves to the overall figure.

o Go for tops that have plenty of detailing as they break the straight lines of the rectangular shaped figures.

o Broad belts worn at a slant highlight the hips.

o Opt for trousers that slightly flare at the bottom. Stay away from cuffs as it can make your legs appear small.

o Avoid pattern less clothing or baggy clothes. Stay away from clingy styles as they will not add any definition or fullness to your slim frame.

o Avoid stripes, especially vertical stripes as they can make you appear thinner than you actually are.


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