April 27, 2010

Waxing -The Method

Waxing isn't much fun and is certainly time-consuming. Instead of wax, working women generally prefer to make use of a shaver or an epilator. But, they have their own drawbacks. Here are few ways to make waxing less painful and quick.

o Avoid waxing when the hair is small. Waxing the hair when they are too short can lead to uneven growth. Let the hair be at least 3 to 5 mm long before you can remove them.

o Avoid waxing if your skin is bruised or if you have a rash. Do not apply lotions or oils before you start the process. Your skin should be clean and fresh.

o If you are using hot-wax, check the temperature by applying a small amount on your wrist. Once you apply wax, place the cloth or strip on it and press it for a few seconds. Pull the strip very quickly [against the direction of hair growth] to avoid the pain.

o It is advisable to use wax strips rather than cloth pieces for hygienic purposes. However, if you are using cloth pieces assure that they are clean and do not use them more than twice.

o Apply wax in a thin layer if you are using cloth pieces. If it is too thick, there are chances of the cloth getting stuck to the wax as you try to pull it off.

o Never leave the wax on the skin for too long. Apply a good body lotion immediately afterwards as it discourages the growth of hair.


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