April 27, 2010

What your Night-Time Attire Says About You

Are there really any hidden messages in your nighttime attire? Yes there are. It can reveal what type of lady you really are. Read on.


A satin negligee has the ability to rouse several of your senses irrespective of whether you're a male or female. It implies the promptness for sensuality. Satin garments have always been a personification of sensuality. There is definitely nothing like a sizzling negligee to lift a lady's spirit. It makes a woman feel exceptional and lets her celebrate her womanhood.

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Pajamas, also know as pyjamas are neat, chic and timeless, but different styles send out different messages. A pair of girlishly, glitzy pajamas might turn him off, but then again, it also sends the signal that you are relaxed, calm and good-humored - after all pajamas are designed for comfort. Adorning your silk pajamas indicate you like to be sensual and of course indulgent.

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Women's lingerie had evolved considerably over the years signifying a full-fledged fashion statement. The style is primarily predominant in France where lingerie enjoys a major place in a woman's wardrobe. Different types of lingerie point out different messages. The short, frilly items signify the dutiful nature, 'take me off my feet and hold me in your hands forever,' while the suspender belt types of lingerie shows that you are dominant, assertive and firm.

Boxers or Vests:

To be noticed in his garments is to signify a certain level of comfort the two of you share. You perhaps have been going on or been in a relationship for long and the ease shows in your ensemble. Research also specifies that men find it a big turn on to see their women in their stuff.

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T-shirts though functional are not very hot in the way a sexy nightdress is. However, it signifies ease and simplicity and indicates a modern approach to life. They are like slips -- practical and functional. It's not very inviting but at the same time it's not too dramatizing either.


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  1. Comfort is considered as one of the most important factor while choosing a sleepwear. You can choose perfect a nightwear by making multiple combinations. Pajama & T shirt, babydoll or short chemise with a wrap, long nightdress with wrap, might be good options.


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