June 22, 2012

Convert a Stole/ Dupatta to a Top

Well, there’s an incident which changed the entire outlook about my country. This was years back when we were travelling in the bus from college. An orange vendor was selling some tempting oranges. My friends got a few to keep up with the temperature. There was a foreigner sitting besides us who got some oranges too. While we ate the oranges and spat the seeds out of the window, the foreigner neatly folded the seeds in a paper and kept it inside his bag, just because he didn't want to dirty the place. We felt thoroughly ashamed. Here we are not bothering about the cleanliness of our own country; whereas a foreigner is more concerned about the neatness. Looking at it, I vowed that I will never again throw even a piece of paper and I managed to keep the promise until today. I also see that my family and friends follow the same, at least when they are with me. And, I'm not going to waste the fabrics too. Here are some innovative ways to out them to use :)))

Here is a piece of fabric that you can use it as a top.  Fold the fabric in two, next fold it diagonally and you get a v-shaped look. Just tie it from front to back and bingo you’re done. You can try this with your favorite/ colorful stole or duppata too. You don’t always have to wear it around your neck or shoulders. For a change, step away from the monotonous look and try this .

You can perhaps wear a cardigan on top, to bring in a trendier look.

And thanks to my lovely friend Zenani , fondly known as 'Zenni Gal' to model it for me :)


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  1. Your blog has always attracted me and this particular post left me speechless. It is one of the best pieces of writing I have seen. Good job.
    Ajrakh Dupatta


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