November 8, 2012

Flaunting the Bands :)

Here is a tutorial on headbands. You can do any number of bands even with some scraps left at home- Now isn't that wonderful ? You can either purchase two bands and make them chic and trendy as the picture below (or ) if you prefer to do with leftover scraps, make sure you choose ones that have lycra [ elasticity] content in it for a better fit.
Now on to the tutorial .

Materials Required:
  • Headbands
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine and Machine Threads.
  • [ You can hand sew the same too ]
Step 1:
Take two headbands. You can either use the same or different colors depending on your taste and style.
Step 2:
Find the seams on both headbands. A purple marker has been used for better understanding.
Step 3:
Cut along the seam of only one of the headbands.
 Step 4:
Take the cut headband and lay it inside the opening of the uncut headband.
 Step 5:
Bring the ends of the cut headband back together.
 Step 6:
Stitch the ends of the cut headband back together.
 Step 7:
You should now have two interlocking headbands. Now, pull your two interlocking headbands so that the seam of each headband is toward the outside as shown.
Step 8:
Bring these opposite seams together, making sure not to twist either of the headbands inside out.
Step 9:
Sew both of these seams together.
 Step 10:
A brand new stylish headband :)

You can try this out in the same colors too ....
Inspiration  and Article is taken from for the best interest of the viewers. Thanks Robyn :)


  1. You have the awesome(est) DIYs I've ever come across... You make lives so easy. Great work.
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  2. I'm going to do that!
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    Chic Factor Team

  3. Hi Yogita, I am one of the best detectives in Mumbai and I loved the DIY tips on hairbands - sundar, sasta and tikaoo!


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