July 10, 2009

The Halter Dress

Imagesource: Cheapdress.wordpress.com

The halter dress involves two pieces of fabric that meets behind the neck and is fastened there, leaving the upper back bare, a great style for day as well as evening wear.
  • It brings the attention to the upper half of your body - face, shoulder and bust. Hence, it is great for women who want to conceal heavy hips.
  • Your arms and back will be on show. Hence make sure your liberal with your much preferred lotion.
  • Do not wear a necklace with a halter dress. Instead opt for some trendy, fabulous pair of chunky earrings and make sure your hair is pulled up for that extra glam look.
  • Stilettos or high heels look exceedingly classic with this style.
  • If you have a heavy upper body, it is best to avoid this style. Also, stay away from dresses that are too tight or too short as it makes you look bigger than you actually are.

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