July 10, 2009

Smock Dress

Imagesource: Stylelist.com
Smock style dresses are one of the most comfortable dresses to cover all the flaws with its flare and gathers. It is a favorite of many women, simply because of the fact that it covers a whole bunch of implications, from the bulky thighs to mummy tummies.
  • Opt for materials and patterns that suit your personality. If you are a fashion freak, choose bright and vivid patterns, if you are the conventional type go for solid colors and simple patterns.
  • You can accessorize the look with one statement making piece such as a chunky bracelet or a broad belt.
  • As for footwear, wedges are best to balance the look as smock dresses add volume.
  • Unless your within your twenties, do not go for a style that is way too short. Knee length or just above the knee length is the best length for older women.
  • If you are conscious of the length or do not prefer exposing your legs, pair it with leggings or a narrow fitting jeans. The beauty of the smock is that you can wear it over pants and still look trendy.

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