September 24, 2011

FaYo for Real Women

Here are the pics of few real woman with the saris that I designed exclusively for these lovely ladies. They were sweet enough to click pictures of the same and sent it's a glimpse of it


  1. Hi Yogita,
    You creations deserve an applause. Keep up the good work. You might also be interested to find some interesting sales prospects with, an exclusive private shopping club online.

    Shravan S

  2. Hi Shravan, thanks a lot. I'd sure be interested. Can you tell me how do I proceed with it? You can email me at as well !

  3. Hi Yogitha...
    Beautiful designing..Continue the good work..A very interesting blog site. Im glad I came across it.

  4. Hi Ashwitha - Thanks a lot :) Keep visiting the blog :)


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