July 1, 2012

Necklace out of T-Shirts

Do you have some old t-shirts that you don’t use anymore? Don’t discard. Try this funky necklace. [The inspiration is from favecrafts.com]. The best part is that you don’t need to sew or stitch. Just a few seconds and you have a funky necklace.

Things that you require :
  • Couple of cotton t-shirts
  • Scissors
Step 1: Cut off the hem from the bottom of the t-shirts. Next keep cutting strips of 1 inch from the bottom.  If you need it a little thicker or thinner, go ahead and cut accordingly. You can cut around 15 to 20 strips. Since you are cutting the bottom through both the layers [front and back] your strips will be in circles.

Step 2: Stretch the seams as much as possible.  On stretching, the sides on either ends will tend to roll. Lay them one on top of the other with seams together and twist the whole bundle in a fig 8 kind of shape, so that the rings become double.

Step 3: Now with the help of an extra strip of t-shirt, wrap the part where the seams are together.

Step 4: Its Over! Adorn it :)
You can go a step ahead and do a bid of braiding too, like the pic below !


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