July 13, 2012

The High Waist Trend

The high waist trend is here to stay and will probably continue for the next season- phew, a relief from the low waist skinny jeans and the sort ! When teamed well, it can look absolutely gorgeous but can be a real fashion disaster when done the wrong way.

Here are few tips:

Experiment: The first aspect is to try it on. Look into the mirror. If you feel it doesn’t flatter your body it’s not for you. But you can literally experiment with high waist shorts, skirts, pants and even jeans – decide for yourself. Eventually, fashion is not just about wearing what’s in trend, but the main thing is to look comfortable and chic in anything you wear.

If you are short:  If you have a short frame, do avoid straight legs and opt for a flared legged one. This will make it a little difficult to find out where the legs begin and end, and make your frame appear a little long and attractive. Pair it with V-neck tops as they can make you appear slim. Moreover showing a wee bit of skin on the neck gives the illusion of a longer torso.

If you have a heavy upper body: If you are heavier on the top, see that the waist of your pants is not way too close to your bust. It can make you appear short, and give you the illusion of a ‘no –waist,’ look. Hence, do not opt for ones that are extremely of high waist, instead go for ones that are only slightly higher than the normal.

If you have a heavy lower body: Generally high waisted ones can make you appear larger than you actually are. Unfortunately they are not a ‘one size fits all’ thing. Hence, if you have a heavy bottom or do have large thighs, it’s best you avoid this trend or team the clothes cautiously. Again, the idea is to experiment, experiment and experiment. An option is to wear high waist skirts than pants.


If you have great legs with narrow hips- girl this is for you! You can try moderate to high raise ones with élan.

Tops: Keep the top as simple as possible. Wearing a high-waisted bottom is a statement in itself, unless it is a solid or neutral colored one. Assure that the top or the shirt is tucked in as there is no point in wearing a high –waist attire and not showing it off. Tank tops/ silk blouses or cardigans look especially great with this trend.

Accessories: Personally I feel it’s best to keep the accessories simple and if you must you can wear one statement piece – say a bold bracelet or chandelier earrings or a smart watch can do the trick. Since this trend gives the illusion of a more formal look, choose footwear like platforms / pumps or stilettos.


Finally walk with your held high as it is a daring look and nothing like a daring attitude to complete the overall effect!

More ways to spot the trend  :)








  1. Thats a great article! Inspite of how awesome they look, I still don't own a single high-waist pant/shorts!

    New post up- Street Fashion from Hong Kong

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Manvi :) I think you should try one, cos unless we experiment, we never know what suits us and what doesn't :)

  2. We absolutely love the high waist trend. And this was a great round up of different ways to wear it! Great post xx
    The Fashion Co


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