January 22, 2014

L’oreal Paris’s Kajal Magique Review

 L’oreal Paris’s Kajal Magique with Aishwarya Rai endorsing it? My impression – that seems great, but I’m sure it will not be within my budget, so forget it. But guess what, I couldn’t believe the price – very economical indeed.
Perhaps, I do have to compromise on other aspects, right? Well, not at all –apart from the price being easy on the pocket it’s sure a thing to bet on.

·         What the pack claims: Supreme Black: A new generation formula! Powdered with mineral pigments for deep intense color.
My View:  It’s perfect for the new generation. Its sleek appearance is quite a ‘show off’. As I’m in the fashion industry, I feel it’s a perfect kajal that I can proudly take off my handbag to prove the fashionista in me…he he he! The combination of black and hot pink adds to the glamour. I can easily stuff it in my mobile case or my jeans pocket.

·         What the pack claims: Extraordinary Care: Kajal Magique is formulated with care ingredients and gives a soothing feeling. Enriched with Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil Esters and Vitamin C derivative.
My View:  It does give a soothing feeling. I personally did not feel any irritation or discomfort. Considering the fact that I use contact lens, this is one product that I can use with no hesitation. And, a big thumbs up for it being completely fragrance free. 

·         What the pack claims: Magical Result – Eyeliner & Kajal ! – To use draw a precise stroke along your waterline. Add a bold stroke on the upper lid to complete the look
My View: I generally use kajal mostly on my waterline, and it did serve the purpose quite well. The only disappointment is that I have to draw in more strokes to make it appear darker. But the end result is tremendous. From precise to bold, you can literally play with it. What’s more is that it’s quite convenient to use.  

·         What the pack claims: Designed to last for up to 12 hours, Kajal Magique is smudge proof, waterproof and non-transferable.
My View: Well, again a small disappointment here. After around 8 hours or so, it starts to become slightly faint. So if need be, we might have to give another touch-up. But nonetheless, as in my opinion eight hours is really good for me. I haven’t come across any kajal that lasts for more than six hours (without becoming faint).

The Price: The product is priced at Rs. 245 and is available across all L’Oréal Paris boutiques and counters.
P:S  What’s more is that, Katrina Kaif is the new L'Oreal Paris spokesperson. She joins Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Freida Pinto as the fourth Indian face of the brand.  When the best of B’ town beauties are crowding to endorse the brand, need we need more reason to celebrate it? 

                                                             The End Result

          Grab the Black Beauty- ‘Because You’re Worth it.’



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