March 1, 2014

Blind Test - 'Love Long Hair,'

Hair loss has been one of the biggest issues that I’ve been going through of late – well, it’s just those post pregnancy woes. As in everything else, motherhood comes in a package – sleepless nights, the outburst of acne’s, hair fall etc. However, nothing is as great as motherhood :)

Coming to the point, I have been approached by an International brand about trying to test one of their ranges of shampoo and conditioner.  I have however been on the lookout for a new shampoo and conditioner and this is more or less the right time for some experiment.

When I received the pack, my first guess was which brand could this be?  I tried looking at the bottles from all angles if the name of brand was secretly embedded anywhere. But no! As of now, it’s named as, ‘Love Long Hair.’

These are the products that I received. Plain white ones, with just a dainty little sticker of ‘love Long Hair,’ – no price tag, no name, no clue about the ingredients –  a fully fledged blind test ! But I am quite excited to try it !

The smell is great though and not too thick or too runny. I’m thinking of experimenting the merchandise in a couple of ways. Since I have a dry scalp, dry shampoos make me go crazy. Hence, I am really looking forward to try this with and without oil on my hair. The reviews for the same will be posted after 2 washes. I somehow have a feeling that these products are going to be great. Meanwhile, if you can guess which brand is this, then drop me a message...wink wink :) :)

Until then keep the guesses going – the same goes for me too !

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