March 8, 2014

Blind Test - 'Love Long Hair,' Review

Remember my last post, the products that we are yet to find out-well, as of now it’s called, ‘Love Long Hair,’ I used the shampoo and conditioner; two washes are in fact done. Here is my review on it.

My little one generally fidgets with my hair when I carry him and this time with the new range of shampoo and conditioner, it was almost like him asking me- mamma, I can smell something new.  Well, I guess he loves the products too.

Generally I oil my hair the previous night before a wash.  If time permits, I wrap a warm towel an hour before my wash just to make sure the oil is absorbed well.  And, when you shampoo the hair later, the tresses would  feel soft, silky and shiny- I’m sure many of us have experienced that.  Now, having used, ‘Love Long Hair,’ products, the effect is sure great. By God’s grace I’m blessed with great hair, so I really do not have to go out of way to take good care of it. And, needless to say this new range of products makes me feel like my hair is been taken care for ever. 

Next was to experiment the same without oil.  The effect was not as great as it was with oil. Nonetheless, it was good.  In my experience, I feel to make good use of this new range of shampoo and conditioner, its best to lubricate the hair before a wash. 

The shampoo feels great. I did not feel any kind of residue which is the usual norm with most shampoos. The fragrance is mild and pleasant on the hair; hence I assume that it’s skin friendly. I did not feel the dryness and felt that my hair was super hydrated. In addition, it gives some volume too.

Well, I am going to try this again for a couple of washes and will get back to you on the review. By the way, we were said, that the brand for these anonymous products will be revealed the following week – Now, I can’t wait to know which brand is this. Until then, we still have to keep the guesses going!

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