February 18, 2016


Fabric baskets have always fascinated me! Well, the idea of fabric basket had come when I realized that my 2.5 year old naughty little boy loves throwing away things. I had to do something to keep his toys organized. The solution – fabric baskets :)

 Toy baskets / Bread baskets / Cosmetic baskets – name it and it serves the purpose. All the more with checkered fabrics!!!

It can stay on the shelf/ table and look pretty or you can easily untie it and stuff it in your suitcase – great for travelling purposes. 

What’s more is that it’s priced at a mere 150 rs as the ‘launching price.’
Buy a set of four and get one fabric basket,’ completely free! Limited period offer :)

Just shoot me a mail at fayo.yogitha@gmail.com !



  1. Wow! such a unique idea you provided in your blog, I must say your fabric baskets are really stylish & catchy. I have not heard before about it. If I had not read your blog so I would not have come to know about it. Thanks for sharing & keep updating.

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  2. I really like that unique designs and house fabric baskets and the idea behind making them. Found them extremely useful. Thanks for sharing this, such an informative stuff.



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