June 11, 2014

Elabore - The Online Store of Shawls, Stoles & Scarves

ElaboreStore.com is an online store of Shawls, Stoles and Scarves and they sure take pride to announce that they are the market leader in terms of maximum styles showcased under their brand. The traditional as well as contemporary designs of Elabore place a twirl twist on the archetypal looks.

A major part of fabrication steps is based on manual work, e.g. hand looms, power looms and sulzer looms. The fashions are so audacious and unique that even if they weren't desired by women of the day, they still turned heads and brought the Elabore luxury brand a lot of recognition. The ideal and quintessence collection is given by the fusion of complex and simple shapes as well as by the meticulously processed premium quality like silk, cashmere etc.”

One such category that they take pride in is their “Embroidered Collection.” Pankaj Dhingra – COO of Elabore India Private Limited says, “Our Idea for concentrating on this particular segment was pretty obvious as it is truly an essential fashion accessory that has not so much promoted in India, although it is a make of Indian Subcontinent. It is pretty amazing that an Indian product which has a huge potential globally is not quite promoted here in India in the way it should be. So the idea clicked and we started this project. In a short span of time the growth of our ‘idea’ has been tremendous. Hence, we strongly believe and support that this particular segment has a huge potential.”

Here is a glimpse of their embroidered collection : 

And, of course there's a lot more you would not want to miss - so log on ! 



  1. Nice stoles. Very beautiful especially that red and white one.

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  3. I Like Your Photos,really awesome collection of snaps,the blue and red dress just gorgeous..


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